Character Analysis: The River Between

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In the book The River Between, written by Ngugi wa Thiong’o, the main characters Chege, Waiyaki, Joshua each played an important role during the time when the new religious started to take over the ridges of Makuyu and Kameno. In the beginning of the book, it depicts Waiyaki at a young age with his two friends, Kamau and Kinuthia. At this point, Waiyaki was shown as a leader or was seen as someone who would become a great leader when he became a man. Waiyaki can be described as brave and shows strong leadership. His father, Chege, kept to himself. Chege once told the tribe about the white men coming over to take over the land. The elders ignored him and ever since then Chege kept to himself. The relationship between the two seems almost like a business relationship. Waiyaki knew his father and knew that he was an important man but sometimes he fear his father. The only time he felt any connection was when they took a journey out of their way to talk about Waiyaki’s next step after his circumcision event of becoming a man. Waiyaki even felt that “Chege had laid his bare soul for a sec...
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