Character Analysis Taming Of The Shrew

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In The Taming of the Shrew one of my favorite characters was Katharina daughter’s of Baptista a wealthy merchant. I personally choose her as my special character because Katharina Minola is a blazing, spirited woman, and as such the male dominated world around her does not quite know what how to deal with her.
Katharina was the main protagonist in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. As the title mentioned, she was the shrew, which meant, the woman whose violent personality will be controlled by her husband. For Katharina, the development of her personality was very much influenced by her interaction with other characters, namely Petruchio her husband, Bianca her sister and Baptista her father and among others. The aim of this paper is to explain the reasons of Katharina’s behavior, her development throughout the play, and gradually fell in love with Petruchio. Her falling in love will be the result of the success of Petruchio’s taming strategies.
Since the very beginning of the movie, Katharina was a furious character who rebelled against everybody and everything. There were various reasons for such behaviors. I can think that her rage arisen from unhappiness. She acted like a shrew because she was miserable and desperate. Moreover, she expressed jealousy about her father’s treatment towards her younger sister Bianca. But this jealousy is justified, because her father continually humiliated her in public. Many examples can be found in this movie, for example: when Baptista offered Katharina to either of Bianca’s suitors, he first wanted to have Katharina off his hands. Kate bounded her sister’s hands in order to torment her, because throughout the movie Bianca acted as the perfect woman. She was the favorite of her father and ...

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... she has realized that her life was better than when she was a shrew. The love between Katharina and Petruchio became sincere and profound. The Taming of the Shrew seemed to express the clever lesson that women like Katharina endured during this time period when they do not obey to their husbands. The marriage of Kate and Petruchio was finally based on that of love and mutual respect.
I my opinion, although I admire Katharina’s personality, I strongly believe that she went a little to far with her attitude. Despite of her beauty, no men wanted her as a wife because of her arrogance and negative energy that surrounded her. I would never act the way she did because being the daughter of a very wealthy merchant means that you are an educated person. Marring with Petruchio was one of the best things for her because in life it is usually good to taste your own medicine.
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