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Authors tend to use readers’ perspectives to create a personality in a novel. This in turn generates a plot and which is revealed by actions, speech, thoughts, physical appearance, and the other characters’ thoughts or words about that personality. Characterization is often used with the intent to portray a different or new side to something through the thoughts and actions of a character. One such character is Ponni in The Dark Room by R.K. Narayan. Ponni is a villager, wife of a blacksmith, who rescues the protagonist, Savitri, as she is about to commit suicide. Above all, Ponni is the character that the author uses to portray a different side to women in the novel. Ponni’s character in the novel is shown to be very rude, however, another side of her is seen in the relationship she shares with the protagonist, Savitri. Ponni’s actions, and the purpose of her character is to present a weaker side of Savitri.

The character is introduced with a rather odd description as the “dark, hefty woman” which instantly gives the reader an impression that Ponni is not fragile or like most women. As she goes on to introduce herself to Savitri, Ponni reveals her identity by naming her village first, which makes the reader notice her priorities. Also, another way to look at the introduction of the character is that she is straightforward. The reader at once picks up that Ponni is rather straightforward as compared to the other women in the novel. Initially, the reader gets an impression that Ponni talks too much, but its not long until the reader realizes that Ponni actually just gives out the necessary information, avoiding too many questions. Ponni expresses her views, opinions and ways clear-cut. Her opinion about men, husbands in specific, ...

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...ating factor in the novel, and the reader finds himself constantly comparing Ponni’s actions, reactions, speech and thoughts to that of Savitri. Ponni has a very up-front view about how to treat men and her husband. The reader comes to realize that its not because she doesn’t care about her husband or other men, but it is only because she does not want to end up hurt. This is seen when Savitri goes to the shopkeeper, and inquires about his family, but she is then seen being rude to the same shopkeeper. Once the reader gathers this, the reader is inclined to compare this opinion to that of Savitri’s about her husband. Ponni subtly, but at the same time, very stalwartly shows everything Savitri is not. Ponni’s fully expressed opinions, supported by the behavior of Mari, prove to both, the reader and Savitri that Ponni is happy only because she is not like Savitri.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how author's use readers' perspectives to create a personality in the novel. characterization is often used with the intent to portray the different or new side to something through the thoughts and actions of characters.
  • Analyzes how ponni's introduction gives the reader an impression that she is not fragile or like most women. she expresses her views, opinions, and ways clear-cut.
  • Analyzes how ponni's behavior with the men in her life, especially mari, is something that immediately stands out to the reader.
  • Analyzes how ponni's relationship with savitri is the one that stands out the most, because a completely different side to her character is seen.
  • Analyzes how ponni's behavior towards men is highlighted in the novel, which leaves the reader comparing her to savitri. their views are completely different, and their actions are poles apart too.
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