Character Analysis Of Victor Frankenstein

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In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein’s creature is a character whom can definitely be considered morally ambiguous. His character is very complicated,and he is definitely a character whom is quite difficult to read at times. However, as the novel progresses we are able to uncover different aspects of his character allow us to have a further understanding as to why he acts in the way in which he does. It is difficult to determine if the creator is exactly morally good or bad. The creature definitely has many aspects of bad nature, despite this underlying behavior, he also has benevolent qualities which make up a huge part of his being. Throughout the novel Shelley reveals the acts of each character through Victor Frankenstein's…show more content…
Victor creates his creature from corpses, and he succeeds in his goal of creating new life. However, the creature terrifies him and he ends up abandoning his creation, this becomes the creature's first experience in abandonment. As a result a result of Frankenstein’s abandonment the monster now has to fend for himself. Upon creation the creature had to find a way to learn how to speak as well as learning basic concepts such as; hot and cold, light and dark, as well as hunger and thirst. On his journey of trying to find himself the creature comes across many different people, whom he doesn’t have the best experience with. Whenever people look at him they are both terrified and disgusted by his hideous features causing them to run away from him. The creature is chased off and he makes his way to a cottage where he comes across a family of peasants, he lives outside their home in secret. The family is totally unaware of his presence. The creature is able to observe the family and their mannerisms, through his observation he is able to learn how to read and write, as well as the differences between good and bad. He is also able to observe their relationship with one another, he sees the love and care which they have and he hopes to have the opportunity for the same…show more content…
Due to the fact that the creature cannot make friends, he demands that Frankenstein creates a companion similar in features and as equally as ugly to keep him company. He threatens to kill as many people as possible if Frankenstein does not complete this deed. Frankenstein initially agrees and promises to carry out the monster’s wishes. And he actually starts to create a new creature, in spite of the creatures threat, Frankenstein destroys the new creature before he completes his work. He is disgusted of the idea that he would be bringing another horrible creature into the world which had the potential to wreak havoc and potentially procreate. The creature discovers that frankenstein has broken his promise and declares further revenge on Frankenstein. Unfortunately, breaking the promise was not in the best interest of Frankenstein because this resulted in the death of his good friend Henry Clerval as well as his wife Elizabeth Lavenza. He is now all alone, his brother is dead, his father, his best friend, and his wife as well. This really destroys Frankenstein, He now hates the creature more than ever, he has taken everything away from him, Victor dedicates his life to trying to destroying the
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