Character Analysis Of The Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath

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The Bell Jar, written by Sylvia Plath, starts of in the summer of the mid-1950s. Esther Greenwood, the main character, is a 19 year full of ambition and creativity that works at a popular magazine company. Esther mainly has two “best friends”, Betsy and Doreen. Having a pretty decent life in New York she feels as though she is missing something and that she isn’t experiencing life as some of the other ladies her age are. Esther is faced with the thought of not being what she should be. Which is, what the other women of her age are expected to be, by society’s views. The night before Esther is supposed to go back to her mother, who lives in the suburbs outside of Boston, she goes to a country club dance with Doreen and Doreen’s boyfriend and…show more content…
After finding out that she didn’t get into a summer creative writing course everything goes downhill for her and her suicidal depression comes out. She is forced to go to a Dr. Gordon and he proposes that she does shock therapy. But he botches the electroshock therapy and causes her depression to worsen. After Esther tries to take her life with sleeping pills she is taken to a psychiatric institution, she has a new doctor, Dr. Nolan. While at the institution, Esther goes through a electroshock and insulin therapy sessions and it is successful this tume. Also while at the institution she meets an old ex of her ex, Joan. They slowly make an acquaintance with each other. Later on, while Esther is getting better Joan takes her own life. The Bell Jar ends roughly a year later, with Esther going into her exit interview to see if she is ready to leave the…show more content…
The theme to this book is identity, all Esther really wanted to do was fit in. She figured that there was something wrong with her, with others, with society, that she didn’t want what other’s wanted. She didn’t want to get married unlike every other girl that got married because it was the norm. Esther didn’t find it fun nor got the reason why she would have to. The quote connect to identity because Esther wanted to be the same as everyone but she wasn’t she worked hard throughout school and work in order to succeed in life with or without a man. Ester’s identity was being a hard worker, an overachiever, someone who has high ambitions. So when she started to slowly distance from that identity she pretty much ended up in the unknown for her. With the pressures to fit in and be like everyone else with the fact that she was somewhat losing her identity she panicked and tried to go everywhere which eventually took a toll on her mind and body. 4.

This passage had the simile “dumb as a death’s head”. The simile meaning that the phone had absolute no use to Esther. Since she couldn’t/ didn’t want to call anyone whom she knew she gave her number to the phone was just useless. Who that phone could connect her to it couldn’t because she couldn’t. The many uses of a phone could do wonders but she couldn’t bring herself to, the phone was just another useless thing in the room.

The simile in this passage is “flat as a poster”. Esther uses this simile to say

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