Character Analysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Knightly Character

The poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, tells of one knights struggle to uphold the code of chivalry. What makes a knight a noble knight? Why does this social standard force us to hold this individual to higher expectations? What should we think about Sir Gawain when he breaks his vows in Sir Gawain and The Green Knight? How does Sir Gawain and Arthur’s court pass the test of The Green Knight? This paper will argue that Sir Gawain, despite his mistakes, is the greatest knight because of his repentance and the lesson he learns when he encounters The Green Knight. Knights are held to a higher standard when in comparison to their peers. Morality, self-presentation, knowledge and vows are a few important components to take into consideration when judging a knights character. These
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The host, who is later found out to be The Green Knight, tells his wife to seduce Sir Gawain. The hosts’ wife, then attempts to seduce Sir Gawain many times, trying to test his virtue. “You’re free to have my all, do with me what you will. I’ll come just as you call and swear to serve you well” (ll.1236-1240) Sir Gawain receives kisses from the wife, and later returns the kisses to The Green Knight due to their agreement for the exchanging of their days winnings. On the third day of the agreement Sir Gawain receives a gift from the lords’ wife and keeps this gift a secret from the Lord. This was the first time I thought there was something interesting going on at the castle. For Sir Gawain to only have told a lie, about a girdle that saved his life, is not something that I wouldn’t consider detrimental to his knighthood or his reputation. This makes Sir Gawain a noble knight in my point of view. It’s a struggle to always do the right thing. As a knight there would be more temptations, women, money, and more power that is

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