Character Analysis Of Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The play of Hamlet is a story of betrayal. The betrayal of Gertrude to Hamlet’s father by marrying Claudius, Claudius to his brother for killing the king, Hamlet to all three, plus the other deaths. Then there is the ultimate betrayal of Hamlet to Ophelia who is the only real innocent in the whole play. These characters are masterfully written by Shakespeare, who has been able to delve into the mind of the main character, and demonstrate what deceit can possible do to someone. The body count in the play is high, which viewers of Shakespearean plays loved, but also the depth of this play and its characters make it one the best in history.
Hamlet is probably the greatest character ever created by Shakespeare. From the time we meet this character
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Subconsciously Hamlet feels that the fairer sex is not trust-worthy. Hamlet had loved Ophelia, it is apparent that he did love her, and probably felt the same way as his father did for his mother. Which is why when Hamlet unfortunately turns on Ophelia and it is so brutal in nature that which ultimately destroys her. Hamlet obviously is using Ophelia to further the disguise of his insanity; his actions are clearly for the benefit of Polonius, who already believes that Hamlet has gone mad for Ophelia 's love. Hamlet must be held accountable for his treatment of Ophelia. Hamlet is in control of his mental faculties, but is fueled by the thoughts of Gertrude 's betrayal. Ophelia is the only outlet for the anger that he must keep secret. The audience holds belief that Hamlet still loves Ophelia, and the hunger for justice compels him to behave the way he does. This allows the audience to conclude that Hamlet is at the same time disagreeable and yet so agreeable. The actual recognition of his love for Ophelia can only come when Hamlet realizes that she is dead, and free from her tainted womanly

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