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Seinfeld the show about “nothing” is considered one of the best and most influential sitcoms of all time. The show revolves around a group of friends that live in New York City who includes Jerry Seinfeld (as played by Jerry Seinfeld himself), George Constanza (Jason Alexander), Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Kramer (Michael Richard). Jerry is a semi-famous comedian who lives in an “average” New York City apartment. George who is Jerry’s best friend is a short, bald man that still lives with his parents. Elaine is Jerry’s ex-girlfriend which makes it interesting that they became friends. Kramer is Jerry’s whimsy yet diligent neighbor that lives across the hall. George and Elaine often show up at Jerry’s apartment with some kind of problem.…show more content…
Every single episode becomes an instant classic after about season four. The most interesting character in the show is probably Kramer. Michael Richards perfectly plays the crazy, but well-grounded Kramer. He never walks through the door into Jerry’s apartment, but always slides through in dramatic fashion. Kramer is a lively character; he will often use his hands when speaking to emphasize a point. He never has a job but is always coming up with ideas, some reasonable but most not. He had a hot tub in his apartment at one point and also gathered a big load of used bottles into a mail truck to take them to a recycling center in Michigan, since it is five cents per bottle there. Kramer’s outgoing spirit makes him a very likable person; he is often running into people he knows, unlike the others who seem to make everyone their enemy. Kramer is a character that is unforgettable and fits perfectly in Seinfeld. Other characters helped make Seinfeld the great show that it is. Like Newman the postman that lives down the hall from Jerry and Kramer and is Jerry’s nemesis. When they greet it always starts with, “Hello, NEWMAN,” then, “Hello, JERRY,” in a part hate and sarcastic tone which always makes me smile. Also David Puddy, Elaine’s on and off boyfriend throughout the show is quite an interesting character. As well as Jerry and George’s parents, Jerry’s Uncle Leo, Tim Whatley, Kenny Bania, Lloyd Braun and so many other great side characters…show more content…
Just like “The Chinese Restaurant”, people can relate because almost everybody has had to wait a really long time at a restaurant. But many of the episodes are inspired by real-life experiences from the writers of the show. The most famous is the Festivus story. In the show, George’s dad Frank came up with the holiday Festivus in replacement of Christmas. Festivus involves the airing of grievances where Frank lets every person know how disappointed he is in them and feats of strength which means Festivus is not over until a chosen person pins Frank to the floor. The holiday was actually celebrated in one of the writer’s family while he was growing up and now because of the popularity of the show some celebrate it for

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