Character Analysis Of Interstellar

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Interstellar captures the human fear of leaving Earth. In the movie, the crops have become subject to blight, there are scarce resources, and humans are running out of time. When Cooper, the main character, finds NASA via a gravity disturbance he is shocked. In this world, the scientists and the people that drive innovation are long gone; there are hardly any leaders left to really institute change. The leaders that are left are the people that have to push away the fear of the unknown. Dr. Brand, Dr. Mann and Dr. Edmonds, Cooper, and Murph are all individuals that show, at some point in time, the traits of a leader. Interestingly, all of the characters make crucial mistakes and judgments that impact their leadership, but they all deserve…show more content…
He cared about all of them, but he was so willing to send them in to the danger because he knew they would be able to save humans with either Plan A or Plan B. Under his guidance, those people became a team. However, Dr. John Brand’s biggest mistake was not telling them that his equation was a scam. That alone meant that only Plan B could work and not all of them would have accepted the mission had they known. It is not just an issue of transparency; it’s an ethical dilemma. Cooper would not have gone if there wasn’t a possibility that he was going to see his children again. It definitely contributes to the discussion of whether the ends justify the means. Dr. Brand believed that they did because humanity needed to continue regardless of his astronaut’s feelings towards leaving the earth behind. It gave the impression that sometimes leaders need to hide information, but when is that line drawn? When ethical dilemmas come into play, the team members should always be told because their integrity is on the…show more content…
Brand tells her that his gravity equation was solved and that it was a rouse to get Endurance to leave, she does not give up. She takes her information from her ghost and solves the equation with out him. Murph takes the opportunity to actually follow Plan A. By not giving up hope, she challenges the process by considering Plan A. That alone allows for the humans on Earth to benefit. Murph is not willing to give up on people, and that is what leaders should stand for. She does not let her judgments of her father get in the way. Murph throws out her resentment towards him and listens to the clues he gave her. She obviously was able to enable others to see her vision and act on it because stations are built and sent into space. Murph, in my opinion, is the only character to actually encourage the heart. By sharing to the world that her father was her ghost and by replicating their home, she was able to give him recognition. Murph new that he was the reason she could solve the equation and regardless of what people thought, she was going to tell them that. Murph never gives up hope of her Dad returning, and when he does she recognizes that they are both, finally, at peace. She is able to celebrate them being reunited, but then she tells him that there is more to be and sends him away. Murph never gives up hope on Endurances mission and really encapsulates the student leadership
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