Character Analysis Of Hamlet: Actor Roles In 'Hamlet'

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Group 4 Hamlet Skit Act 2 Actor Roles Narrator: Argentine, Salena Hamlet: Patel, Jenish Ophelia: Delgado, Skye Polonius: Lopez, Wendy Scene Begin Background: (Hotline bling instrumental plays in the background a picture of a Mansion is in the background this is depicting Polonius’s house) Narrator: In this scene Ophelia goes to the living room to find her father Polonius so that she can talk to him about Hamlet. Polonius: Anyways goodbye Reynaldo I hope to hear from you soon (hangs up phone and looks at phone checking football stats) Nice Tom Brady and the pats are first in the NFC east 7-0 oh yeah baby Ophelia: (enters living room) Polonius: (looks at daughter) Hey Ophelia, what is the matter? Ophelia: You will not believe this dad…show more content…
It was my fault I know I messed up. I mean you don’t just mess with that sort of news I mean did you see JJ Watt did you see Beckham Jr, ughh anyways lets go like now we need to go tell the king what happened. If I don’t tell the king I’ll be on his bad side and I don’t want to do that he got me sideline seats all year and VIP passes for the NFL. Man we need to go like now otherwise I don’t think I’ll ever get to see jerseys so close again in my life, I’ll never get to high five Brady again, okay I need to stop how could I even imagine living without that. Claudius maybe stunned when I tell him about this but it needs to happen…show more content…
During this scene Ophelia and Polonius talk about how Hamlet came into her room and practically acted insane. In this scene Polonius not only talks about how and why Hamlet is acting the way he is. He also talks about how he will bring about this information to the King in a genuine manner that will not enrage the king. It also provides a first occurrence where Hamlet seems to be out of his depressed state and into a better one. It shows that he is finding a way to suppress his melancholy state and turn into another one that can take his mind off things at least for a while even if it means turning towards insanity. My group decided to approach creativity by placing Hamlet into the future. Bringing modern society into Hamlet will not only allow for students to quickly find it more interesting, but it will also allow them to relate to Hamlet more easily. Having Hamlet in today’s time will make it more familiar rather than it being a foreign

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