Character Analysis Of Frozen

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“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” says Joseph Campbell. The protagonist Ana, in Frozen, goes on a journey in which she is in great jeopardy of her sister’s powers. Elsa, Ana’s sister is just coronated queen in an opulent when her ice powers go out of control. She runs away and Ana goes on a very dangerous journey to find her sister and change the weather back. Ana nearly loses her life in the end because of Elsa. Although Ana’s journey to find Elsa lacks parts of the hero’s journey, she still embodies the classic and Hemingway hero archetypes, follows the hero’s journey for the most part, and learns a valuable lesson that love heals. The protagonist of Frozen, Ana, fits the classic and Hemingway hero archetypes and also shows sides of the Jungian personality archetype. Ana has many personality traits as that of a classic hero. Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf act as her…show more content…
Ana’s journey starts off with separation. After her sister, Elsa, froze Arendale, Ana knew that she had to go after her. Ana took her horse and rode off into the mountains in search of Elsa. This bold move of Ana’s is her call to adventure and the start of her long heroic journey. Ana loves her sister so much despite everything that just happened, she knows she needs to go find her to change back the weather and mend their relationship. Similarly, another part of Ana’s separation is crossing the first threshold. Once the whole city is turned into ice, Ana leaves on her sojourn to locate Elsa. She follows Elsa’s path and journeys to The North Mountain in inclement weather. Ana crosses the first threshold very abruptly on her journey to find Elsa. However, finding Elsa is more of a gradual event because Ana has to trek through the snow and she doesn’t know exactly where Elsa is. Evidently, Ana’s separation into the unknown is abrupt because Ana immediately leaves in search of
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