Character Analysis Of 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind'

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Perpetually Lost Seeking Eternal Sunshine
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind dramatizes the destruction of a relationship through personality differences. The director, Michel Gondry, alludes to relationship struggles, by stitching together a not so spotless tale of the mind searching for love and ultimately eternal happiness. Clementine Kruczynski first meet’s Joel Barish at a friend’s party, seemingly the only two awkward people eating separately from the bunch. Joel instantly notices Ms. Kruczynski for her tangerine colored hoodie. Gondry thus indicates that color, especially when related to Clementine, plays an intimate role in her personality structure, and her relationship Joel. At the party conversation strangely flows between Joel
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Dr. Mierzwiak has a edgy relationship with his long time wife Hollis, caused by a previously inappropriate relationship with his secretary Mary. Often a lack of trust is seen illuminated by the characters. Hollis doesn’t trust her husband Dr. Mierzwiak, so she drives to check what he is up to midway through the night. What she sees and what is actually happening could be interpreted differently, but the lasting impression of Mary and Dr. Mierzwiak kissing doesn’t sit well with his wife. As Hollis beings to drive away the doctor walks to the driver side window to explain himself. Hollis want Dr. Mierzwiak to tell Mary that she had the procedure done on herself due to her attraction to the doctor. This puts Mary in a very uneasy rag, she proceeds to the medical office located near Grand St., and storms threw medical files looking for her own. She finds the folder labeled “Mary Oct. 2002,” instantly playing the tape enclosed. Mary in great shock, beginnings to take many medical tapes with her, sending back to the patients at the end of the film. As Joel is undergoing the memory erasing procedure, the memories try to escape the deletion process. By him and Clementine moving from their own times together to older memories Joel has stored inside his head. This movement allows us to better picture the strained relationship and how it…show more content…
A deeply complex relationship forms out of differences and similarities within both Joel and Clementine. Arising out of these differences are hidden details slowly revealed by the Gondry. Stylistically Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind contains many time distortions, where backgrounds and characters on screen are being erased. Relationships, as well as happiness start to dissipate as the film progresses. Enduring questions form debate, about whether happiness develops a healthy committed relationship or does a committed relationship develop happiness? Is an erased relationship better than remembering the past? How can one learn and move forward, if he or she removes their past from knowledge. Is Joel and Clementine meant to be together or are they actually making the same mistake

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