Character Analysis Of Emily Grierson In A Rose For Emily

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The character Emily Grierson in the short story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner lived indeed a troubled life in the short story. Emotional instability can lead to irrational behaviors and have a major impact on an individual’s mental state. Emily’s character portrays a complex and puzzling individual who is mentally, emotionally, and psychologically unstable. Although Emily Grierson might have believed her choices or actions as justifiable, Emily’s character makes a lot of unjust choices. For instance, Emily buys poison (Arsenic) to kill her lover Homer Barron because she felt undesirable. Homer Barron, a northerner, had proclaimed that he liked men and preferred the company of men. Homer Barron was her last hope of happiness. Aware…show more content…
Although Emily is perceived as anti-social, she became that way because of the death of her father. Most of the townspeople felt pity for Emily and yet scared of her. For instance, when Emily’s character pressures a druggist to sell her poison, despite the laws stating against selling poison without knowing the purpose. The townspeople saw Emily was as an outsider, and she was also the topic of discussion amongst the townspeople. Emily had a huge effect on the townspeople because she seemed to get her way and remained a mystery to…show more content…
William Faulkner portrays Emily’s character as a woman who is emotionally and mentally unstable. William Faulkner goes on to state the events that might have led to Emily’s mental state. William Faulkner interprets the short story as a dark and puzzling one. The depiction of Emily Grierson in the short story is unheard of considering the historical period. William Faulkner associates each character with a problem. For example, Emily’s strange behavior, Mr. Grierson’s controlling nature, Tobe’s lack of freedom, and Homer Barron’s unsure of his feelings toward Emily. William Faulkner’s short story interpretation of Emily’s character was unique and

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