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Devil on the cross is a beautiful novel written by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o. The novel takes us on a journey with six characters who are all effected by many things that takes place in Kenya. The title Devil on The Cross seems to be the government in Kenya who has no respect for anyone who is not a thief, nor a robber, or anyone who seems to be rich or powerful. The six characters, starting with the beautiful Jacinta Wariinga, Robin Mwaura, Muturi Wa Kahonia Maithori, Mwireri Wa Mukiraai, Wangari, and Gatuiria all made a huge impact in Kenya. The story starts off by telling us about Jacinta Wariinga, she is perceived to be the ideal female role in Kenya, however this changes dramatically. When we first meet Wariinga we meet a woman who is not knowledgeable of her beauty, she encounters a lot of mental and physical challenges around her. Wariinga is a woman who come from a lower-class family. Her mother, and father was arrested when she was two. This forced her to live with her aunt and uncle. She was set to have a great life ahead of her while attending school and being…show more content…
In Kenya men are dominated of profit, and women are used for leisure. After two years of the great change. Wariinga changed the perspective of women. She had now gone back to school in the field that most would describe as a man’s job. Wariinga had become successful at fixing cars, she eve demanded respect from the men that would come in and get their cars fixed who would always look at her body before wanting service done for the car. Even though some were a threat if it had not been for some of the characters for standing up for what they believed in then some people in Kenya would have still been taken advantage of. Some people may have not notice have foreigners used workers to make their homeland better. Foreigners and robbers had been taking from Kenya and each character stood up to make the country

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