Character Analysis Of Chris Mccandless In Into The Wild

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Jon Krakauer, the author of the novel, Into the Wild, portrays Chris McCandless, a young man who travels into nature unprepared and foolishly to find his true identity and dignity. Chris McCandless wants to evade and fled the claustrophobic confines of his family. He has a grudge against his family, except his sister, which caused him the desire of vanish. Nature, the wild, is a place where he believes he can find his true self and his proper status in the society. Sean Penn, the director of “Into the Wild”, shows his remarkable journey of Chris McCandless, allowing the audience to experience his unwillingness to give up in searching his dignity. Through the use of Chris McCandless’s characterizations in both Krakauer and Penn’s works, they…show more content…
When Chris McCandless is at the border of California, the journal reads, “...finally through extreme effort and much cursing he manages to beach canoe on jetty and collapses exhausted on sand at sundown. This incident let Alexander [Chris] to decide to abandon canoe and return north.”(Krakauer 36). By using the words, “extreme effort” and “collapses exhausted” shows how no matter how hard the flaw is. Chris McCandless is unwilling to give up because it is his goal to explore the wild. Although it is really hard to curse the canoe, Chris McCandless still manage to not give up and keeps going until his goals are reached in the wild. In Sean Penn’s film, while Chris McCandless tries to cross the hurry and rush Teklanika River in the movie, he accidentally falls into the river (Penn, Into the Wild). By using nondiegetic sound of this scene, it allows the audiences to feel the intensity while Chris McCandless falls in the river. The audiences can feel the strength and motivation that Chris McCandless has during the incident. By closing up to Chris McCandless’s face and also his hand which is grabbing on the bush, it can be easily seen that Chris McCandless is unwilling to give up his dreams. Although he knows he is going to die in the wild, he doesn 't want to die in a way that he has not experienced enough in the

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