Character Analysis Of Carrie White

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Is Carrie White the protagonist or is she not? According to X.J.Kennedy and Dana Gioia, a protagonist is “the central character in a literary work. The protagonist usually initiates the main action of the story, often in conflict with the antagonist” (Glossary of Literary Terms 2073). The purpose of this essay is to discover why she really is the protagonist. Now some might say she burned down a whole city and killed lots of people, but in Carrie`s defense if someone was bullied their entire life, and went through what Carrie did, who is to blame here? Carrie White is the protagonist for being the main character throughout the novel, she has altercations with several characters, and she is the reason behind the climax. Carrie White is mentioned…show more content…
For example, Margaret White who was Carrie`s mother was extremely religious and mentally ill. Carrie not only had to deal with bullying at school all day, but she came home to her crazy and abusive mother. When Carrie had gone to a Christian camp, her mother would not even allow her to swim. Carrie was not even aloud to shower with all of the other girls (27). She tried so hard to love and please her mother. When Carrie comes home from her horrible day at school finding out she has started her menstrual cycle, her mother says that if she did not sin, she would have not gotten the Curse of Blood (65). The argument between shows how Carrie is the protagonist and her mother is the antagonist. Her mother thinks that a menstrual cycle is one of the ungodly sins and Carrie should be punished every time she disobeys. Another character is Sue Snell who depicts on whether to help Carrie or not. On page 89, there is a good scene where Christine points out how Sue was chanting with her and the rest of the girls in the bathroom when Carrie had her menstrual cycle. Sue admitted she did chant with the rest of them, but she also was the only one who stopped and realized it was wrong. Another character whom Carrie has conflict with is Chris Hargenson. She has bullied Carrie for most of her life. Chris Hargenson started to chant, “Per-iod!” when Carrie first discovered her menstrual cycle (9).In addition to Chris not being able to…show more content…
Meaning, she is the center of the story. All of the events and stories that happen lead back towards Carries retribution in the end of the story. For example, from “The Shadow Exploded” quotes “One of her surviving classmates, Ruth Gogan, tells of entering the girls` locker room at Ewen High School the year before the events we are concerned with and seeing Carrie using a tampon to blot her lipstick with” (12). The author tells about classmates who survived some kind of tragedy involving Carrie. Also, there is another documents from “The shadow exploded” explaining how Margaret White was the only one to witness any of Carrie`s last final events (76). As she stands there covered in pig blood everyone begins to hysterically laugh at her (196). All of the events led to prom night and what specifically happened Carrie had exposed to
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