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Bombay Beach, a barren place where dead fish are a 7 year old 's friends and abandoned houses are their playground. The documentary Bombay Beach, by Alma Har’el, shows 3 very distinct characters with many flaws. Some of their flaws are forgivable while some of them are not. Due to their circumstances, Benny 's flaw is forgivable, but some of them like Reds and Benny 's dad are not forgivable. Benny is a character I was intrigued from the start because of his disorder and his flaw which I personally think is forgivable. Benny is a young boy around the age of 7. He is bipolar, anger issues, and his parents have gone to jail. Benny and his other siblings have been in separate foster homes because they have been taken away by social services.…show more content…
He is an old man late eighties, smokes a ton, racist, excluded from his family for not supporting their mixed heritage marriages, and has been to the hospital. He is in the middle of a broken down house with graffiti all over the walls, he is talking about how his kids haven 't spoken to him in over a decade because he didn 't support them marrying another ethnicity. He didn 't seem phased about it at all. I believe because of him being old and having an old mindset and an old school way of thinking it causes him not to support his children. Because he is a racist and actually doesn 't support his kids he deserves not to be spoken to. No one who Is racist deserves any type of reaching out, and racism no matter what age should not be supported. Based on who i am as a person his flaw is not forgivable. Agarie 3 In conclusion, I dont believe Bennys father or reds flaws are forgivable no matter their circumstances. One is a racist old man and the other could be deemed as a bad father. They don 't try to rise above it or try to make any real effort. Benys flaw is very forgivable because he is a little boy and has been put into situations a young boy shouldn 't be in. Bombay beach is a place filled with many odd people with many different problems and life stories, but due to their circumstances, some of their flaws are forgivable and some of them are

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