Character Analysis Of Bernard In Brave New World

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Brave New World Character Analysis Every dystopia story has that one person that is special because they see thing differently when placed a world of adversity. Brave New World is a novel by Aldous Huxley which is set in the future and is meant to parody our current society by going to the extreme with certain aspect of society. The aspect of society are questioned by the character Bernard who is meant to be the person that goes against the social norms and the character the reader loves and roots for. However, Bernard does not fit the role of a character the readers can fall in love with because he has a sour personality, he’s hypocritical, and he’s superficial. I was not a fan of his character. Bernard has a lot of moments where he is just…show more content…
“...Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth. Idiots!” (47). Bernard is calling the people who believe the teaching of hypnopedia idiot and it seems really uncalled for. “Bernard hated them, hated them” (47). Even when Fanny was talking negatively about him, she never said she hated him. Bernard wants people to stop looking down on him and to stop talking about the alcohol in his blood surrogate but he also thinks it’s ok to have a worst state of mind than everyone around him. When to Helmholtz, a character who sees the world the same way Bernard does, Bernard seems weak and feeble while Helmholtz is a quite sensible man. “ ‘These women!’ he said, as the machine rose into the air. ‘These women!’ And he shook his head, he frowned. ‘Too awful,’ Bernard hypocritically agreed, wishing, as he spoke the words, that he could have as many girls as Helmholtz did, and with as little trouble.”(68). Bernard not to long ago was talking about how women are treated like meat but really he wants all the perks this world has to offer, he just hates how he doesn’t get it and hates the world because of…show more content…
Not Bernard, he only cares about what’s on the outside. “If only he had given himself time to look around instead of scuttling for the nearest chair! He could have sat between Fifi Bradlaugh and Joanna Diesel. Instead of which he had gone and blindly planted himself next to Morgana. Morgana! Ford! Those black eyebrows of hers-that eyebrow, rather-for they met above the nose. Ford! And on his right was Clara Deterding. True, Clara’s eyebrows didn’t meet. But she was really too pneumatic. Whereas Fifi and Joanna were absolutely right. Plump, blonde, not too large” (79-78). If Bernard was truly a good person and someone the readers would like, then he wouldn’t have these mean things to say about these girls after seemingly defending women
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