Character Analysis Of Beowulf

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Beowulf In the Anglo-Saxon epic poem of Beowulf, Beowulf is highly regarded as an epic hero; the poem itself is consisted of songs of glorification about him. During his era, Beowulf was very famous amongst his own people and others due to the fact that he has achieved great things. He has travelled and gone through many adventures which has greatly boosted his fame across the land. His character and personality, along with his great strength, has made him into an epic hero. Beowulf was a character that was given or blessed by the gods to the people during his time to be a saviour against evil and to become a just ruler. Though the epic of Beowulf may have been over hyperbolized, the fact that many have sung tales of him dictates that he was a hero above all during his era, which leads to the point that Beowulf has done meritorious deeds to prove his existence.
Heroes are mainly known for their adventures; Beowulf’s fame comes from his battles against monsters during his adventures. A character’s adventure is the very essence of how he can become a hero, and why he is deserving to be one. A hero’s worth and strength can only be determined through battles against their enemies. The villain 's strength can not be ordinary either. Only a potentially superior monster or heaven-defying beast fit the criteria for an antagonist role against
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The events taking place in the epic are all major acts of Beowulf and tells of his exemplary deeds. Through his adventures, the epic is able to portray Beowulf’s character and bring out his superior points. Beowulf’s various success makes him an epic hero that others would respect and regard as an exemplary being. His battle with monsters and other encounter with danger are what builds up his fame and spread throughout the land. He did not lack any of the criteria of an epic hero and only time was his true
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