Character Analysis Of Antigone

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Analysis of Antigone
Adejumoke Bankole
Lone Star Community College Analysis of Antigone The narrator of this drama is Sophocles. In this play, Antigone unravel almost totally in the series of one day, in one spot (the Palace), and in broadly undisturbed conversation and action. Nevertheless, allotting with act distribution, Antigone so relies on the powerful unification as apportion by the French classicists. The chorus structure the misfortune with a foreword and summation. In the foreword, the chorus precisely addresses the crowd and turn out embarrassed with regards to the display; we are here this night to take part in the story of Antigone. Unlike ordinary melodrama, for instance, we are not asked to suspend our distrust or
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The chorus is all seeing, narrating the characters’ attention: their roles which are already predestined, should be understandable, even if the sense they come to calamity is someday not. Hence, the chorus traces each character’s circumstance. Antigone is here to rebel and die; Eurydics’s role is but to die in her room; the guardsmen emblematize the common rank; Creon is the unwilling king. Basically, it also provides a key comparison between the two sisters; Ismene the full figured good looking beauty and Antigone the skinny, morose brat. The drama beings at daybreak. Not like in the Sophocle’s Antigone, Antigone has already committed the atrocity, though the drama, perhaps relying on the onlooker’s memory of the Sopocle’s version still keeps this revelation in anxiety for the first display. Anouilh expresses himself on the disturbing nature of this suspense because the drama is a real…show more content…
The first display involves Antigone and her scrupulous nurse. Their heartbreaking relationship is one of the corniest in the play by committing her puff and dog to the Nurse’s care. Thoroughly located in her care taking service, the Nurse did not perceive Antigone’s incoherent. Rather, she frankly asks if Antigone has taken a companion. Although, Antigone is the opposite of the Ismene character, to the Nurse she is just the same another inexperience, reckless girl like the rest of the youth. The Nurse does not see anything that makes Antigone special from other girls. Antigone told the Nurse what she wants to listen to and in some display explaining that she is like the rest, acting that she has an admirer. Ismene and Antigone show up as competitors and foils. Ismene is timid, obedient, beautiful reasonable, full-figured and good
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