Character Analysis Of Annie John By Jamaica Kincaid

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Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid is about a girl from the island of Antigua and Barbuda who is raised in a household with both of her parents. Throughout the text, they show Annie’s coming of age, including issues at home and conflicting influences. One could say that the relationship between Annie and her mother is a parallel between a colonizer country and a colonized country. Through the lens of Annie John, Jamaica Kincaid portrays how the colonizer(Annie’s Mom) influences or tries to influence the colonized(Annie). Early on in the text, you can see how Mrs.John puts forth effort to instill her morals and ideology into a young Annie John. This is a point in the text where Annie is severely dependent on her mother just as a colonized country is dependent on it’s colonizer. In chapter two of the text, Annie is speaking about just another summer day that she spends with her mother. She talks about the daily regiment her mother had for her which consisted of bathing and eating. What catches my attention the most is when they go into town with each other. “I spent the day following my mother around and observing the way she did everything. When we went to the grocer’s, she would point out to me the reason she bought each thing.” Instead of…show more content…
John, or the Colonizer, influences or tries to influence Annie, or the colonized. I used textual support to show this parallel. When Annie is being influenced by her mother early on, when she begins to feel grateful for having her mother, and when she and her mother are at their darkest point and she’s having mixed emotions about her mother. From my point of view, the text ultimately shows how Annie is influenced early on, she notices that she has different morals than her mother, and in a way she bends her morals but eventually is still colonized in the end. Not as severe as some others but still
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