Character Analysis Of 1984 By Emmanuel Goldstein

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In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, he develops a character that although never physically appears, has a great influence on the main character and some of the themes that are established. This absent character, by the name of Emmanuel Goldstein, holds a position of great significance in 1984, without stepping a foot into the action of the novel. Goldstein is the fuel to the controversial flame burning deep within the main character, Winston Smith, and the symbols connected with his name reveal the motifs behind the Party. Also, due to the strong impact of Goldstein on Winston, Winston ends up in situations that expose the true integrity of himself and other characters throughout the novel. When Emmanuel Goldstein first appears in 1984, he is…show more content…
O’Brien was originally thought of as a possible rebel that could be trusted to join Winston in the movement. When O’Brien shows up to retrieve Winston from his cell in order to torture him and make him love Big Brother, Winston realizes his mistake. After Winston is broken into loving Big Brother, and truly believing whatever the Party says he is released back into society. Winston finally encounters Julia after their separation, and he realizes that they don’t have any attraction or feelings for each other. The true personalities of the three main characters have been revealed due to Winston’s objective to follow the goals of Goldstein. It is possible that Julia never truly loved Winston, but she needed someone to break the rules with so she could satisfy her rebellious nature. Neither did Winston truly love Julia, but he more likely was acting off of his goal to revolt against Big Brother and become a part of the brotherhood. O’Brien, who appears to have taken the role of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, was unmasked at the end of the plot, and it was revealed that O’Brien, now obviously of true member of the Inner Party, was waiting to destroy Winston the whole time. O’Brien had been setting of traps for Winston and simply waiting for him to

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