Character Analysis: Nora Helmer In A Doll's House

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An Unrewarded Woman: Nora Helmer Nora Helmer plays variuos roles in this innovative three-act play of A Doll’s House. Nora’s role as a wife of Torvald Helmer, is exteremely courageous, who puts everything on bet to save her economically troubled husband and it goes totally unnoticed and this portrays the picture of the women of all middle classes in this society. Nora is cheerful natured woman who is loved by her husband very much. Torvald expresses his love toward her saying her “little lark” and “little squirrel” and other praising words. Though they love each other very much, Torvald sometimes uses words that are against his attitude of loving Nora. On the eve of Christmas, Nora buys lots of gifts for children. Though Torvald doesn’t like this, he tells her that they can spend more without caring much as compared to earlier…show more content…
He shows this letter to her and tells her to convince Torvald to offer him his job along with higher post than previous one. Nora tells whole problem to Mrs Linde. Mrs Linde, who was previously in love with Krogstad and ditched him as she wanted to marry a richer man who can take care of her family. Mrs Linde promises Nora to convince Krogstad not to ruin her life. Mrs Linde goes to Krogstad’s home, but he is not at his house. Mrs Linde tells Nora to keep that letter out of reach of Torvald till she talks with Krogstad. On that day, Helmers are going to the ball room party of their neighbour. When Torvald is going to check his letter-box, Nora prevents him from doing so. She tells him to check her performance of tarantella which they are going to perform that day. She dances so badly that Torvald practices with her to improve her performance for the whole evening and doesn’t check his mailbox. Nora’s efforts to distract Torvald from checking his mailbox are explained in his own words, "Nora, darling, you 're dancing as if your life depended on it!"(pg.

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