Character Analysis In Bailey's Cafe By Gloria Naylor

Characters Analysis in Bailey’s Cafe
Gloria Naylor creates a peaceful place called Bailey’s café in her book, where people can find their confidence and release their stress. Bailey and his wife, Nadine, are the owners of the cafe, and Bailey is also the most important narrator in the book. By running the cafe, Bailey meets a lot of different customers who share some common but have particular life experiences. Some of the customers are white, while most of them are “colored people”, the same as Bailey. Through describing various stories from those customers who come and visit Bailey’s cafe, Naylor guides the readers to think more deeply about gender instead of ethnicity when we can see how different a male and female is treated in such a society.
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The conflict in this book is mostly driven by racism because the male and female characters are treated unequally since they are Negroes. At the beginning of the book, Van Morrisons’ family is introduced by Bailey because Bailey’s parents work for them. Although Mrs. Van is colored, she refuses to hire colored people as servants for her family because she feels that having any colored people working for her family cheapens her family’s appearance in her neighbors, who are mostly white people. However, “none of them neighbors is about to sit down and eat with her”(Naylor 7). From this detail, we can see that even though Mrs. Van is as wealthy as most of her neighbors, her family isn’t welcomed because they are black. Jesse Bell is another female Negro character, who doesn’t get respect from her husband’s family. Although she and the King truly love each other, she is always looked down upon by the king’s…show more content…
Jesse Bell is one of the characters in the book shows that female is oppressed by male because of economic class. “He’ d call the other wives Mrs. King, but whenever my husband forced me to go to his family parties, it was always, Why, good evenings, Jesse Bell”(Naylor 125). Although Jesse Bell marriages with the king who owns almost everything in the Sugar Hill, she isn’t respected by the king’s family members because she comes from a poor family with low social status. However, there is no strong contradiction between Uncle Eli and Jesse Bell even though she isn’t respected, which indicates a conflict between wealth as well as gender. Uncle Eli, as one of the member of the king’s family, doesn’t respect Jesse because he thinks that it is ashamed to have a poor Negro girl joining his family. However, Jesse Bell chooses to say nothing because it is maybe the only way she can keep staying in the king’s family. The gender oppression isn’t so obvious in Jesse’s story, but Jesse Bell is controlled by the king’s family, especially Uncle Eli, since her family background doesn’t quiet match with the king’s family. From Jesse Bell’s story, we can see that a female tends to be controlled by a male when she has no advantages of her economic

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