Character Analysis: Francesco Pancho Flores Gamez

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If someone claims to be perfect there is a noticeable lie, because no one can be perfect in this world. Humans are not made to be perfect; however neither are they made to be the worst, and therefore it is easy to ration with others. One can be happy and not give up and then they are a valuable person that can accomplish things. An ambassador is one of high ranking according to The nominee for the ambassador essay is Francesco Pancho Flores Gamez. This man has been able to fix mistakes, be cheerful and influence young minds like me; although he does have downfalls but that never stopped him in his path. Pancho is my uncle from my mom's side and has a great sense of humor. He has been to America most of the time to see my mother…show more content…
In a town like that my uncle would go straight to it and help it bloom into a nice fixed city not caring the price. A way he has helped someone by carrying the groceries for old woman that needed help. He also can find a new way to fix something without making the obstacle worse. Spilling water is a mistake that we all do and fix, but learning English is a good challenge that contains many mistakes on the way. To him learning English is like someone trying to learn German. As he struggled to learn the language he asked, "Did I say it right?" and, if he did not then, we would correct him and he would try again. It is not just with language he messes up it is also just cleaning up…show more content…
Another example is a teacher showing a student how to do math or science. Francisco has been the eldest of his siblings and therefore he is supposed to influence or give an example to his younger siblings. Pancho and my father have showed me how to be a grown man and how to be helpful in many ways. It's not just opening a door for women that they told me, it is also to not lie and not drop out of school even if it might seem hard. If I do something bad Francisco gives me a lecture and shows me how to do it correctly or how to see things from other people's

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