Character Analysis: An Analysis Of Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs is in a meeting about his upcoming computer, Lisa, and he asks how the fonts are coming along. One of his workers, and his best programmer says that even though Jobs has been asking about the fonts for months, “it isn’t exactly a pressing issue.” Jobs and his worker strongly disagree on this. This disagreement escalates to the worker asking “are you going to fire me?”, in a considerable amount of disbelief to which Jobs yells,”no, I already fired you. Why are you still here?!” Another worker brings up that he was indeed the best programmer the company had, however Jobs says that if he didn’t share the visions necessary for the company’s growth, then he wasn’t truly vital to Apple.
Historical Evidence
This scene depicts Steve Jobs as a sometimes heartless but determined leader. He was willing to fire people without notice if
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He has high expectations for it and his employees. He has strong faith in himself and his company to surpass the consumer’s expectations and continue to shatter the computer industry with new technology. Hollywood Historical Evidence
When discussing the new personal computer with this employees, he fails to mention that it is indeed named after the daughter he at the time thought wasn’t his. He just acts as if the name has no significance in order to look like a man that’s strictly business without any well known emotional ties to another human being.
Jobs didn’t tell anyone he named the computer after his daughter, and created the acronym Local Integrated Systems Architecture to make the name Lisa look strictly coincidental. When Jobs accepted the fact that Lisa was his daughter, he revealed he had indeed named it after

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