Chapter Twenty-Five

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She shook herself and, checking that she was in no immediate danger, attempted to leverage up the scaffolding. Someone underneath it was groaning. To her immense relief, she’d barely started when the scaffold shook apart as Andon stood, most of the men that had been on the platform safe within a globe of his yellow magic. The groaner was Lee, who hadn’t been quite close enough to Andon for the spell. His leg was caught under one of the logs, and Sidhe scrambled over a few more to get to him. “Help me!” she shouted over her shoulder to Andon. Lee cried out as they managed to heave the log off him, while the other archers kept them covered for a few moments. “Okay, Lee, I’m going to pull you over by the wall,” Sidhe said, thinking fast. “Just lie there and pretend you’re dead-” “Should be pretty easy, lass, I wish I was already,” Lee gasped. His leg stuck out at the wrong angle. “-but I gave you express orders not to be, so you’re out of luck,” Sidhe replied. “We’ll find you after… after everything’s over.” A sudden cheer went up as Sidhe got Lee into place, and for a wild moment, she thought they’d won, that the battle was over. Then she looked toward the Tower walls. Calix’s spell was gone. Ladders had been successfully installed on the walls, and the portcullis and gate were open. “You said you killed Duke Conrad?” Sidhe said to Andon, dread in her gut. “Yes,” Andon replied, his eyes also on the courtyard. “Well, at least we had that going for us,” Sidhe said. She retrieved her longer blade. “Come on.” They raced towards the courtyard, cutting down or avoiding everyone in their path. Selia’s vines kept sprouting, though Sidhe had yet to see the mage herself, and there was plenty of ... ... middle of paper ... ...t was drowned out by a scream from the entrance of the Tower. “ANDON!” It was Ingrid, attempting to race down the Tower steps to the scar left in the cobblestones. Dove had an arm wrapped around her chest and pulled her back, keeping her from the fray that still filled the courtyard. Galvin appeared in the Tower’s door and gently brought the distraught and struggling woman back inside, where no hostile forces had yet entered. Horror filled Sidhe’s throat with bile, but the circumstances didn’t allow for anything to be done. Selia’s vines had all shriveled with the death of their creator, making it somewhat easier to move around the area, but it was small comfort. Sidhe almost dropped her sword as a half-blocked blade caught her on the arm, breaking the chainmail and cutting into the muscle. Sidhe retaliated by thrusting her sword through the man’s face.
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