Chapter Summary Of The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Chapter Summary Chapter One In the chapter we are introduced to the narrator, Nick Carraway, a graduate of Yale and a member of the well to do Carraway family. Nick is a “bond man” by profession trading stocks and bonds. Nick shares with the reader advice that he received from his father and which has had a huge effect on his outlook on life. As a result of this advice, Nick has learnt to be non judgmental and this has drawn people to him. People confide in him as they are very comfortable in his presence. Nick introduces us to the setting of the story which shifts from New York to the villages of East and West Egg on long island. East Egg is an exclusive little village inhabited by the very wealthy. Nick lives on the West Egg and is neighbor to the mysterious Mr Gatsby. The reader follows Nick to dinner with his second cousin Daisy and her husband from the very wealthy family. The husband,tom is aggressive, not very sensitive to the needs of others we meet daisy friend,jordem baker the couple lead a very casual life and spend very little time with their daughter at the mention of nixs nabber,daisy becomes very interested sparking speculation about why she would be interested in mr Gatsby,Daisy comes across as being very happy go lucky however the reader becomes aware that there are issued between daisy and tom especially when we become aware of a bruise that daisy has,nix is made to witness a deterring scene when daisy freaks out when tom gets a phone call,we learn that tom is in fact in a relationship with another woman. mDaisy becomes despondent and wishes that her daughter will not be so wise as so suffer the way she does. Nick suspects that he knows Jordan from somewhere but isn’t able to pinpoin... ... middle of paper ... parties were typical of the optimistic mood that prevailed in American in the 1920’s. People were euphoric in the post war period. Everything was extravagant and over the top. But such euphoria can only result in a huge collapse. The warning signs were all in place for the great fall: the prohibition of the sale of alcohol which led to illegal practices, unregulated economic activities and a general feeling of being invincible. Gatsby personified the period in American history from the end of World War One and the crash of the economy which lead to the Great Depression. Coming from a poverty stricken family, he did whatever it took to achieve his wealth. He lived large and showed off his wealth with the attitude that was carefree and sometimes careless. His life was taken suddenly in the same way that the economy crashed and led to the Depression.
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