Chapter Six Summary

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Consumer behavior affects the way in which buyers make purchasing decisions. A variety of influences affects individuals buying items for themselves, as well as for other people. Every buying decision a person makes is influenced by a variety of internal and external factors. Marketers must understand what influences consumers so they can decide what goods and services to offer, to whom and where. By fully understanding the factors that will influence, they can then develop products and services to target the desired consumers. Interpersonal influences on behavior such as those of: cultural, social, and family affect every buying decision that is made. Cultural influences, such as work ethic or the desire for wealth, all come from society. With a diverse population in the United States, core values may vary from culture to culture. Group or social influences include social class, opinion leaders, and reference groups with which consumers may want to associate themselves. Group membership, status and roles can all affect buying behavior. Family characteristics are changing, with mor...
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