Chapter Eight: War on the Wasteland

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Chapter Eight War on the Wasteland When they engaged in battle, the youngsters’ weapons wreaked havoc on the creepy skeletons. Immediately, swords were blocked, spears were knocked aside, and the skulls, spines and limbs of the first wave of manic monsters that stood in their way flew up into the air in a fresh shower of sand and bones. Quickly, more of the corpses moved in to challenge them, eyes shining out of their sockets in the heat of battle with a fury that was terrifying. But they were spare ribs and body parts in seconds, smashed apart by the force of their young opponents’ weapons. The skeletons didn’t appear to be having much luck elsewhere on the wasteland either. One of them was boldly battling on despite the loss of its head, swinging powerful blows with its sword this way and that, smashing into and finding fellow skeletal targets more often than not, creating chaos and panic amongst their already delicate defences. Some carried spears the wrong way round, and they were unwittingly sending the solid spiked ends into the skeletal soldiers to the rear of them, innocently cutting colleagues apart and separating limbs from bodies as they advanced in towards their young prey. Further ahead, another carrying a huge ball and chain took one turn too many and was soon out of control. Hundreds of skeletons hurried out of the way, hopping and dancing about to avoid being struck. For some it was a lucky escape, but for others it was not and the unforgiving big ball of solid steel smashed into large groups of them, exploding on contact, sending skeletons scattering everywhere across the wasteland in huge fountains of skulls and broken bones. In the end, it took quite some time for the monstrous attacker to stop spinning abou... ... middle of paper ... ... where they needed to be. Seconds later, a series of explosions mushroomed all around, sending a mass of sand and bones up into the air, and Willow, eyes wide at all the chaos that was going on all around her now, was pretty sure that this little adventure, however short it might have been, had come to an end. “They’re still coming!” she shouted, eyes closing in terror as weapons were lifted and raised in her direction. “I can’t –” At that instant, another explosion rocked the wasteland, a deafening crack and blinding stream of light that ripped through the fleshless monsters in a cloud of shattered bones and brilliant fire, this explosion so close that a wide spray of skulls and limbs from the blast whistled just a matter of inches past their faces in a screaming rush. “Enough!” a deep, demanding voice out of nowhere suddenly boomed across the desert.

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