Chapter 4 of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Chapter 4 of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein In 1816 the famous gothic novel ‘Frankenstein’ was begun, Frankenstein was largely successful because it was the first sci-fi novel that anyone had ever seen. The Gothicism that this genre is meant to expose is very good because it really is written to evoke terror in readers and show the dark side of human nature, and of course another reason the novel was a success, was because the author Mary Shelley had a first hand experience of the death that this book precedes. Mary began the novel in Italy after staying with Lord Byron and after a discussion about science they challenged each other to a ghost writing competition, Mary’s mother died soon after Mary was born. Mary had two children that died and one was called William, these experiences of death were mirrored in Mary’s novel. Also reading journals from her husbands early life, he wanted to be a surgeon, and after talking with him and the family doctor where she thought up the idea of using electricity to bring corpses to life. In this essay I will be writing the about atmosphere of the chapter, the facial contrasts of the creature, Frankenstein’s dream, the creatures intentions, the creatures special request, the prejudice against the creature and the destruction of Frankenstein. Frankenstein hysterical reaction towards his creation, I will show you is prejudice and unjust. At the beginning of the chapter 4 Mary Shelley starts off by setting the scene of Frankenstein’s workshop, the aura created around the scene was shown as sinister and dreary, I comprehend from the text that it was a rainy night by the following quotes, “It was on a dreary night of November.” “The rain pattered dismally against the... ... middle of paper ... children how they should be looked after or else the child will grow up the same way he was brought up in a non-caring way, and also that everyone in society has responsibility to the helpless and needy, because they too want to be helped and accepted by others or they too will feel unable to manage with the life that was brought on to them. It also shows that no matter what, there will be prejudice found in your lifetime and they will be prejudice towards you, but in this novel Frankenstein’s creation was called The Monster, but he is only misunderstood the real monster in this novel is Victor Frankenstein himself, and all the torture he went through he brought upon himself. In conclusion, you have a responsibility towards everyone else, and your actions you hold may be brought against you if you cannot bring yourself to show the correct moral ethics.
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