Chapter 3

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At the northern perimeter wall they turned to face south, preparing to make the return journey back Middleseton empty handed. 'Where are the Sounds?' whimpered Flakey. 'I don't understand. There should be at least one.' 'Do mean Amanda?' Carole heard the story from Beryl. 'It is very sad. I'm sure you will find her. If not here, somewhere.' Flakey wasn't sure what his response to the question should be. It was true he was desperate to find Amanda. She, or at least the sight of her feet speeding through the sound hole of the cello, after she quite deliberately asked him not to let go, reduced his sleep patterns to a series of fits and starts mixing with muffled cries. 'Don't say anything, Flakey.' Elizabeth pulled her hero away. 'We haven't looked over there yet.' 'Yes, we have,' protested Flakey,' remember we lifted up that box, the blue one with the yellow lid, we prised it off with an iron bar.' 'Never mind, just come with me.' In this exposed wilderness lightning was the main threat, the vast plain resembled a scrap yard of discarded metal. Carole was fascinated by the army of tangerine machines picking their way through the cast off aluminium sheets or cutting brass fittings off of copper pipes. Miniscule wire cutters, on wheels that appeared to turn in all directions flustered about stripping the covers of the wire, piling up the bared material ready for the forklift truck to take it away. At the other end of the scale huge magnets attached to mobile cranes picked up ferrous materials from one pile and moved it to a more appropriate pile. Meanwhile Flakey walked among the knee-high automatic balers queuing to unload their load on waiting carriers. Carole watched the timid, but nice Sound doing something she had n... ... middle of paper ... ...nds to trot behind Ting and Ellis then she was will to take the chance. 'Thank you Debbie,' Ellis smiled, he trusted Debbie. 'Are you all coming, Debbie is?' Many mumbled, 'Oh, all right.' The other never said anything. 'Can we go?' grumbled Flakey. 'Yes.' Replied Elizabeth, 'it's time to go.' Leading the run along the underground tunnel Ellis kept a steady pace and nice rhythmic, 'left, right, left, right, until he stopped and held up a hand. Carefully Ellis pushed open a square iron hatchway. 'We're not far from the Town Hall. Stay here while I check how safe it is.' The hatchway opened, just a crack. 'I can see the water tank.' Ellis lowered the hatch, 'Go ahead Ting. Tell them we're coming.' Debbie pushed past Ting. She was up the outside ladder of the water holder in a flash and banged furiously on the side of the tower. 'Let me in, I want to see Alice.'

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