Chapter 2 Part 2

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In Chicago, 1939, my Grandma Catherine became very ill and her death record shows she went to the office of Jew Dr. Jacob Stern on Halloween and the next day she was dead! Autobiographically speaking, I went to his cousin with same name, Dr. Jacob Stern, a dentist, seeking relief from a painful cavity around 1957, when I was 10. And as I write this, I’m totally disgusted at the behavior of this pervert, who got away scot-free, for I was too dumbed-down and afraid to talk about it until now. While I sat in the dental chair the Jew dentist injected my gums to numb my mouth, brain and reaction. He then began to feel my breasts, even drawing my dress tight around my bosom. The look of lust and hate for me hurt worse than the needle or the drill. He then said fiendishly in a crackly Jew voice with a sardonic grin, “Ah, I see you are sprouting nicely!” I was so scared I began to pee in my pants in the dental chair for I was too young to know anything about sex but knew this was wrong. Today, the last time I was at the dental college, the head professor asked me why I was so terrified of dentists, I told him this true story. Dr. Stern's descendants surely owe me restitution money for their Jew father's crime, just as Jews of Israel today black mail the White people around the world for faked "Holocaust" monies. Well, this is the kind of world I entered on August 21, 1947, a world that victimized me without a reason, except I was born a Polish-American White Christian slave, whose only recourse was to "endure and suffer," as Jews inflicted on Jesus. Grandpa Justice lived with us after Grandma’s death. Mama adored her father, and even though she slaved for rich Jews, she’d come home and cook him his favorite dish: Duck’s Blood Soup, Czar... ... middle of paper ... ...White female as I. If we don’t save our White male the USA will be a third world country, for it took that creative, not destructive, genius to build and pay for it. **Checking for permission to use cartoon from Tribune Media Services, Jim Donahue, 312-222-8696 or Chicago Sun Times, 5/5/14 Note the date in the newspaper 8-21-47, my birth date. I copied it from old genealogy microfilms of the Chicago Sun Newspaper. I never realized the dangerous secrets which would open up to me in my emails to the DJ, journal writings and research which exposed Jew Communist takeover of White species since 1917. Even Elvis researched the destructiveness of Communism for 10 years and went to see President Nixon to stop it. In Elvis' own handwriting in a letter written on an airplane en route to see President Nixon, Elvis lamented the danger America was in.
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