Chapter 19

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《Yn's P.O.V》 The guy who kidnapped Kendrick is holding me by my waist and he is holding a gun to my head... I THOUGHT HE WAS IN JAIL! I am so terrified right now, I don't know what he wants from me... I DON'T KNOW HIM. I looked at Kendrick and I saw that he was also afraid.. Oh God, what does this guy want from me... 《Kendrick's P.O.V》 "Xavier let her go please" I pleaded "it's me you wan..." "shh" Xavier interrupted pressing the gun against Yn's lip "please don't hurt her" I said "I am not gonna hurt her" he smiled "I just wanna talk" I want to believe what he just said, I REALLY DO, but we all know that he is lying... I looked at Yn and she was scared and she was shaking. "Yn is so beautiful" he said turning her around, making her look at him "No-no-no, don't cry beautiful, i am not gonna hurt you... yet!" Yn looked down and xavier made her look at him. Xavier removed hair from Yn's face and put it behind her ear. Xavier then turned her around to face me. He held yn by her waist and pulled her closer him. "she is pregnant, no?"he asked I didn't' want to answer that.Why? because it's a dumb question! He Knows That She Is Pregnant... He can see that she is Pregnant and he is still asking if yn is pregnant! "Is yn pregnant or not KENDRICK!" He asked holding the gun to her head again and I quickly nodded "is it a boy or a girl ?" he asked and I shrugged "how don't you know? didn't she tell you?" "it's to early to tell" I said "ha, says who?" he asked "uhh the doctor" I said annoyed "don't try and act smart with me honey" he smiled Is God trying to drive me crazy?? Or am i just some kind of gay magnet?? Or maybe God is still punishing me for impregnating Nicki....I repented for that... God knows that i repented..... ... middle of paper ... the fuck is wrong with him!! He killed someone and he is happy about it... yn was also losing a lot of blood due to her slit wrist and Xavier doesn't want me to stop the bleeding.Xavier also made us go upstairs. I know what he wants to do: he wants to throw Yn down the stairs! yn was drowsy and Xavier was holding her up... upstairs, Xavier was there ranting about me not loving him and he asked me why I love yn instead of him and all that shit.. all of a sudden I could hear police sirens and Xavier started panicking. "Xavier come out with your hands up"the police officer said through a megaphone "we've got the whole place surrounded" "I am not going back to that disgusting place!" Xavier yelled "then kill yourself" I said " I'll take her with me" he said quickly took a knife from his pocket Xavier stabbed yn in the stomach and pushed her down the stairs.
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