Chapter 18

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War is not liked by many people or all people in general, especially President Woodrow Wilson. His slogan for his reelection campaign was, "He kept us out of war". America had been through their fair share of wars themselves: American revolutionary war, Mexican-American War, and the Civil War, etc. President Woodrow Wilson made it clear that he does not want war for America and every other country. He made that clear by creating a plan called the 14-point plan. Because he has no say for any of the other countries to begin war, he just wanted to try and keep the United States of America neutral. Even when demands were given to Wilson, to join the war he would try his hardest to keep the army calm and unprepared. And it stayed this way for two years.
President Woodrow Wilson had beliefs, and one of his beliefs was that if Germany was able to win the WWI, that would be an appalling event to happen, not only for the United States of America, but for the entire countries on Earth. Because Wilson thought that the war was inevitable, he sought out to become allies with the allied side to prevent Germany winning the war entirely.
The year 1917 marks the beginning of Germany's submarine warfare. They sought out to demolish any and all commercial ships headed toward Great Britain. This was one of the many factors that led America into this war, because not only were there British people on the ship, but also some United States civilians. They destroyed many of the America's ships, even when Wilson declared them neutral. They were sinking many of their ships which were hurting their economy, and that is when Woodrow Wilson realized that it was time to put a stop to it, so they joined ship with the allies of the war, Great Britain and Fra...

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...way. He could not have done it forever. There were many factors that pushed America to take part in the war: the fear of Germany's victory, the sinking of the ships, the Zimmerman Telegram, and money. Even though Wilson did not want to take part in the war, it still benefited them greatly. If I had to choose which factor was the breaking point for the United States for entering the war, I would choose the Zimmerman Telegram. This factor really made the United States feel as if they had a target on their backs and it will not go away unless they defeated them themselves.
Many people believe that the sinking of the Lusitania which killed 131 Americans was the event that helped shape the decision of entering the war, but where in fact the Zimmerman Telegram was the event that pushed President Woodrow Wilson to confront Congress and ask them to declare war on Germany.
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