Chapter 18

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Noami's eyes widened in horror and leaped in after the bottle. Murky water surrounded her, but she willed her eyes to stay open and search for the pink bottle. A splash resounded beside her just as she found the bottle. Enclosing her fingers around the bottle just as another fingers mirrored her movement, she swam upwards, taking a intake of fresh air. She blinked and stared into honey-brown eyes, a face too close to her own. Pink dusted her face, and she backed away. Kashino, having similar thoughts, slipped his fingers away from the bottle and moved back, his own cheek coloring itself red. "Are you two alright?" Hanabusa asked, and he was rewarded with killing glares. "Gee, I don't know. I just jumped into a dirty pond in middle of winter." Noami scowled as Andou helped her out. "Of course I'm fine." "You need work with your remarks." Kashino decided as he hoisted himself out. Scowling deepening, Noami turned around and pushed Kashino back in. The blond, having anticipating the move, gripped her wrist. Shouting in surprise, Noami was pulled into the water again, and her eyes immediately shut close when the waters enveloped around her, Coughing and spluttering, Kashino pushed himself up, arm wrapped around Noami. "What the hell was that for?!" "I'm awesome the way I am." Noami wiped her eyes, "why didja' have to pull me in as well?" "And let me suffer alone?" "It was needed sacrifice." "Guys.." Ichigo and Andou sighed. Hanabusa led them into the green house where he searched around and came out with two white towels. "Here." Noami and Kashino accepted their towels, and as Andou helped Noami dry her hair, Noami glared at Kashino. "Why'd you even came after me?" "And let you suffer alone?" "It was a needed sacrifice.... ... middle of paper ... ...ooked up, and for the first time, she caught the sight of sadness, loneliness, and so much more negative emotions someone like Noami shouldn't have. It shook Eclair, having to see those emotions in the usual bright blue eyes. Noami wiped her eyes, and attempted to smile. "Let's go back then." "Back where?" Noami got up, and continued rambling as if Eclair didn't talk at all. "Everyone is probably pissed at me for leaving. Especially Kashino. Man, he's going to blow up-" She walked into the street, just as a car started down the road. "Noami-" Eclair took a sharp intake of breath. Noami's head snapped towards the rushing headlights, and froze, staring wide eyes at the oncoming car. The car severed around her, nearly hitting the pole. The driver of the car, exit the vehicle with a black umbrella. Noami stared, as the person's face came into view. "Henri-sensei!"
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