Chapter 1

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'I will not pretend that I am not frightened.' Lewis wondered what he was doing. 'I want this nightmare to end, just as much as you do.' Lewis didn't understand why he was revealing what he really felt, nor did her understand why the wind was changing direction and was now heading towards the ballroom. 'One day I will wake up and see you settled inside a musical instrument preparing for a rehearsal, but that day is not today. Will you all please find the leader of your scale and form an orderly line behind them.' Lightning, attracted to the metallic furniture and the bare infrastructure inside Spears Point Tower rocked the remaining half of the tower on its heels. All the Sounds, arms stretched out wide run up towards Lewis' position on the stage, screaming. 'Keep with your scales. Stay in line.' Lewis ordered the onrushing stampede. Edith struggled with her own personnel need to panic, even so she marvelled at Lewis looking magnificent on the conductors rostrum almost daring the electric sky to fry him. 'Edith. Edith.' Lewis waved frantically at his second-in-command to release the bolt to get the Sounds off stage and under it. 'Open the trapdoor now, please before they crush us all.' The trapdoor fell open as soon as the bolt was slipped revealing a ladder leading down to a very disquieting place. Those leading the yelling horde of terrified Sounds stopped within falling distance of the square hole cut into the stage. 'I'm not going going down there,' shouted Dennis holding back the others. 'You have to,' Edith grabbed the leader of the scale of D and forcibly made him take the first step down. 'Look,' she cried, 'Dennis has gone down stairs. Now you can all go. Come on everybody let's help each other.' 'Not me.' Grace... ... middle of paper ... ...d her eyes, 'I knew you wouldn't let me down. Stop it Lewis. What are you doing?' Spinning on his heels Lewis deposited Fiona through the door that Edith was holding wide open. 'What did I do wrong?' Fliona whispered to Edith. 'Nothing,' Edith whispered back. 'Lewis isn't one for spontaneous action. It worries him. You worry him. He is spontaneous only with his pen.' Fiona looked worried. 'Where is Lewis, he hasn't come back in yet?' 'Don't worry,' Edith placed a hand on the soaking wet Fairy Queen, 'I'm sure he's out there composing music to everything he sees. He was very worried about you.' 'Really?' Fiona felt touched Lewis cared enough to risk so much just to save her. 'I'm sorry about rushing out. I don't know why I did it.' Edith admitted the beauty of the tango and the dramatic conclusion was way beyond her own expectations. 'What did it feel like?'

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