Changing Your Life Through Jesus Christ: Examples in Different Literature

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All humans, save Christ, have sinned. Sin is inevitable for all humanity, for we are a fallen people. Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Sin created a great divide between Mankind and God. Because of this, Jesus was sent to bridge that great divide by atoning for our sins. However, Jesus did not remove the issue of sin, for we still sin today, but he took the blame for it. Upon hearing that, people tend to think that it is acceptable to sin because Jesus already paid the price for our sins. The consequence of this is people getting stuck in a deep rut of sin. The faster we get out this rut of sin and the less we sin results in a better, more fulfilling life. How do we get out of this rut? How do we undo the patterns of our sin? We can try to undo the patterns of our sin by avoiding that which makes us sin but this method rarely, if ever, works. When we try to avoid something, the very thought of it consumes our minds and we fall back into that sin. The simplest answer the questions above are to come to Jesus, confess your sins to him, and work with Him to fight against sin. The best way to fully understand this is to look into the lives of other great human beings who struggled to undo the patterns of their sin.

Throughout the journey of Dante’s Purgatorio, one encounters many individuals who are looking to undo the patterns of their sin. Everyone on Mount Purgatory is on their way to getting into heaven but they need to train so that the desire of sin is no longer present in them. The most intriguing terraces of Purgatory to me are those that deal with the sins of pride and sloth. The proud are being punished, or rather disciplined, by carrying large boulders which results in them ...

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...its in Purgatory and He helped them all become more worthy people.

Sin is something that we all will struggle with for the duration of our lives. Some people live in bondage to their sin because they don’t know how to undo the patterns of their sins, but, because of our Lord Jesus Christ, we do. Living and growing through Jesus is the only way to undo the patterns of our sin and not revert to sin again. Jesus fulfilled His destiny through His death and resurrection. Now we must fulfill our destinies and train ourselves so our sin does taint them.

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