Changing Women's Roles

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Women started to challenge their domestic roles over time by using the war, westward expansion and abolitionist movements and by ultimately taking advantage of the liberties they were given. Because they were proven to be sufficiently skillful in activites during the Revolution and Civil War they were able to expand their roles after the war both socially and also in education. From the time the abolition and temperance movements started in the early 1830s, women, both white and black, started to become more outspoken about the rights they feel are being denied to women and African Americans. Their role in the temperance and abolition movements gave them the needed tools to change women's roles. An African American woman by the name of Maria Stewart, the first African American woman to speak in public, iniated a lecture to her people to convince them to take pride in their race and their heritage by joining the fight of the abolition movement. This was also significant of how women's roles have changed over time because this was the first time an American-born woman spoke in public. Her address in 1833 addressed the cause of abolition and comments that "we have planted the vines, they have eaten the fruits of them" which is talking about the role of sexism and how women are constantly being degraded. Another African American woman by the name of Harriet Tubman was also a significant figure in the anti-slavery movements because she was the one responsible for the Underground Railroad, which was a means of escape for runaway slaves to Canada. She successfully led hundreds of slaves to freedom using safe houses that they could stay on during their journey to freedom in the North without being caught once. She also served as a spy ... ... middle of paper ... ...e boycott of British goods increasingly the Daughters of Liberty joined the support to prevent British importation. They were recognized as patriotic heroines for their success in fullfilling the demand of homemade clothing, which made America less dependent on British Textiles. Although they were not usually recognized for this sort of thing, the groups of organizations formed by women were very beneficial and was a major influence during the war. Decisions made to the boycott of British goods would not have been possible if the women had not created a different alternative for the imported goods. The Daughters of Liberty were working all day and night to prove their commitment to "the cause of liberty and industry". The daughters of liberty were one of the many groups of women who fought for woman's equality and supported the soldiers during the American Revolution.
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