Changing Times Make for Unhappy eBay Customers

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Changing Times Make for Unhappy eBay Customers How much is too much, or how much is enough? This is an economic question that every successful business will have to evaluate in order to remain an icon in the marketplace. Today’s business world is unlike any time in comparison. There has never been more opportunity for small ventures to turn into major financial companies overnight with the use of the World Wide Web. It is true that many of these overnight wonders are short lived and go unnoticed; however we do have the elite group of companies that have made their mark in our everyday lives. eBay is one of those companies that have made good use of this opportunity. eBay Inc. is considered as the world’s leading online personal trading community. Founded in 1995, eBay is available 24 hours, 7 days a week with more than one million registered users. In the 4th quarter 2003, eBay reported a net income of 935.8 million dollars; up 44% and their full year net income for 2003 was 3.27 billion dollars, up 51% for the same time last year. Even with their noted economic success this company still finds a need to raise fees for the use of their service. On the positive side of the moral and ethical matter, there are great things that eBay offers as well as provides for its customers. People with many dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and starting successful businesses has found eBay and answer to their prayers. Many people who don’t have the resources to use an outside place to start their businesses; have used eBay to sell their items straight from their homes to save money. Some of their businesses have even grown so that they are now able to rent a separate space to run their small companies. This is a blessing that probably would have not been a reality if not for the large Internet auction service named eBay. eBay is not a dirty word in their vocabulary; it is a spring board to independence and an opportunity for a good way of life. Although some have used eBay’s services to cheat and steal, eBay has started a foundation that helps in communities all across the country. Meg Whitman, president and CEO of eBay Inc. made a statement; “Giving back to the community has been an essential part of eBay since the very beginning.
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