Changing The Aquatic World Through Agricultural Education

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Changing the Aquatic World Through Agricultural Education In physical science class last semester, I learned that nearly three quarters of Earth’s surface is covered in water today, nearly 71 percent to be exact, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Most of it is contained in the world’s oceans as saltwater and polar ice, while much of our freshwater is contained in glaciers as frozen ice, and the remainder of our freshwater is located in lakes, rivers, springs, and aquifers. With water’s presence throughout the earth, and its necessity for our survival, it is definitely important, and it is even more important to care for our aquatic world. Now that’s a monstrous task, with the amount of water on the earth’s surface, but if each of us work together according to our strengths and interests, we can all enjoy doing our parts to change the aquatic world for the better. My particular interest is agriculture, both personally and professionally. I know one might believe that agriculture is the reason why pollution, global warming, overfishing, etc. are present today, but that is not the case. Without water, agriculture would not exist or be able to feed, clothe, and provide a way of life for millions of people every day. Consequently, without agriculture, and industries within it such as environmental resources and soil and water science, the bustling aquatic world that we know today would not exist, without the advances in protection and science that these industries have given us. I might only be one person, but I can and most certainly will be doing my part to help change the aquatic world through agricultural education. Agricultural education? What is that? Over 3,500 middle and high schools and countless colleges and unive... ... middle of paper ... ...toration, and agricultural education through guest speakers, field trip immersive learning, and job shadowing. To close, like Nelson Mandela once famously said and is listed on the scholarship information page, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, and in my case through agricultural education, the aquatic world. Water is everywhere making up a whole new world in aquatics, and it is important for us to care for this aquatic world. Though we cannot do it alone, we can each do our own parts according to our interests to help change it for the better. I hope to do mine through using my passion for agricultural education to help students understand the importance of water in environmental resources, its role in agriculture today, and some of the careers that they can have to help change our aquatic world, as an agriculture teacher.

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