Changing Negatives Of Positives And Positives

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Changing Negatives to Positives Everyone thinks negatively, it is human nature, but if one thinks negative all the time, maybe they should consider changing their perspective to help guide them into a positive life-style. Negative thinking patterns can lead to many different thoughts, “what if” thoughts, continuously ruminating the scene in their head, making it worse and more difficult to move on, assumptions start to build, the individual begins to think, “this should have happened like this” or “it must be like this”, overreacting, etc. Someone with a negative mindset might say it is impossible to change the way they view things, or “this is how I am”, but overcoming the stubbornness is the first step. “Developing an optimistic outlook can be good for both your physical and mental health” (Morin). Everyone who wants to get rid of having a negative mindset, can turn them into positives by changing their perspective, practice self-care, and to consider the consequences of negativity. Although changing perspectives can be difficult and takes time, it helps one receive a positive outlook. “Changing your perspective is a very valuable tool for understanding a situation better and avoiding false view” (Shifting Your Perspective). To change the perspective of ones mind, helps them break down a bad situation, and analyzes the possible ways to act out, help gain a feeling of how another person might feel, and ways to become a better problem solver. “Negative emotions give birth to negative reactions” (Solarin). As this quote represents, one acts how one feels, and if the individual has a different mindset, their mind would be matured, and they will have the ability to think deeply about the way they should act. There are a few steps... ... middle of paper ... ...ll believe that studying does not count for them because it did not work the first time. Making the move to self change can become difficult because they cannot see the small steps being made. Changing the negatives into positives can be made by changing their perspective, practice self-care, and to consider the consequences of negativity. There are many possible ways to help make this change, but to keep in mind, doing the little things is what counts the most. Doing something as simple as reading a positive quote every morning before leaving for school or work can turn the day around drastically. With changing the outlook of things, come lessons that can be learned early on in life rather than figuring the lesson out itself. Also, once one sees life the way the finally want to see it, with a positive mindset, they can become the person they have wanted to be.
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