Changing Health Care

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What exactly is Health Care? In today’s economy, healthcare can get to be very expensive for some people (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). Healthcare costs have been rising for several years and continues today (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). Expenditures in the United States surpass $2.3 trillion in 2008(Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). Total health care expenditures grew at an annual rate of 4.4 percent in 2008 (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). This growth has become a major problem for our government, employers, and consumers increasingly struggle to keep up with healthcare costs (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). Although Americans benefit from many of their investments in health care, the recent rapid cost growth coupled with an overall economic slowdown and rising federal deficit, is placing great strains on the systems used to finance health care (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). The exceeding cost of health care is causing more problems for the poor and middle class individuals (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). One problem that is feeding into our healthcare deficiency is the spending on technology and prescription drugs (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). For several years, spending on new medical technology and prescription drugs has been cited as a leading contributor to the increase in overall health spending (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). “New drugs and technology increase healthcare costs because they generate consumer demand for intense costly services.” Even though the cost of healthcare related to technology and drugs have decreased over the pat couple of years, it is still an issue in our society (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). Another thing that affects our healthcare costs is chronic disease (Kimbuende, Eric pg.1). Seventy-six percent of Medicare spending is on patients with five or more chronic dise... ... middle of paper ... ... pharmaceutical products and medical devices will help improve the nation’s healthcare cost (Hoppe, Hans Hermann pg.1). Works Cited Healthcare-problems and solutions. 1998. Luksik Action. 13 September 2011. Hoppe, Hans Hermann. “A four step healthcare solution.” 2009. The Free Market. 13 September 2011. Kimbuende, Eric. “U.S. Healthcare cost.” March 2010:1-3. 19 September 2011. Swartz, Kimberly. Healthcare Cost Monitor. 2011. The Hastings Center. 19 October 2011. Ways to Improve Healthcare system. 2009. Rediff India Abroad. 19 October 2011.
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