Changes in the Music Industry

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The music industry is an ever-evolving world that continues to puzzle many artists and fans alike. The changes witnessed by this industry since the 1960’s through the 1970’s, when music was at its prime, are significant and cannot be ignored. Over the many years since, many individuals have lost interest in music and, inversely, many others have developed a deep affection for the new brand of music. There are a number of people who argue that the music industry has not changed since its heyday, which is completely false. The music industry has changed drastically in all aspects since it flourished its way through the 60’s. Arguments For The Overall Concern The music industry has witnessed changes in all matters of music. From the style to the composition, the music industry today is not the same industry that belted out those glorious hits in the olden days. The changes have impacted the way the society perceives music, as well. The society has been forced to gobble down low quality music and accept it as the standard benchmark of good music (Merriam 67). One major reason for this could be because the new generations are growing up with this new music playing around them on a day-to-day basis. They have no choice but to accept it as the ordinary sound of music and this doesn’t make it a good excuse to produce rubbish. Style The style of music perpetuated today by the new generation of artists is completely different from that of past generations. The modern artist is mostly shallow in the style he or she chooses, with only a handful paying attention to the style they wish to practice. The new artist finds himself or herself unable to stick to a particular type of music, with many artists opting to try out different styles. Unlike 50 years ago when artists dedicated themselves to pursuing a specific style of music and become connoisseurs in these styles
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