Changes Within The Nursing Practice

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Change in nursing practice In the healthcare facility there are many things that can benefit from change. Bedside rounding with the inclusion of the entire care team would be a beneficial change to any healthcare facility. By doing bedside rounding it promotes patient and family involvement in the exchange of information and planning of their care. This also allows for the interdisciplinary team to be completely involved rather than picking up bits and pieces of information throughout the day from multiple different people. This is also a great opportunity for the patient and their family to ask questions with the entire care team available for answers. Current nursing practice As it is a report is given at the nurses station, conference room, or hallway. These reports are given face to face with the receiving and exiting nurse; sometimes report is given over audio-tape or is written out for the oncoming nurse to read. Why change what works The latter practices are impersonal and do not allow for the oncoming nurse to ask questions, or if the nurse passing off, forgets to state or write something down they are not able to interject and share the information. A benefit to bedside rounding is when looking at the patient during report you can be prompted by something that you may have otherwise forgotten. The patient and family can also comment on something that you may have forgotten to mention as well. This also gives the patient and family a chance to meet the oncoming staff and get to know them. Stakeholders Key stakeholders The stakeholders in this situation would be the physicians (primary provider), care coordinator (planner), pharmacist (drug provider), nurse (provider), and the patient. Physician. The p... ... middle of paper ... ...arolina Medical Journal , 76 , 3, 174-179. Marla J. Weston, P. R. (2010, January 1). Strategies for Enhancing Autonomy and Control Over Nursing Practice. Retrieved November 10, 2015, from Mind Tools: Essential skills for an excellent career. (1996-2015). Kotter 's 8-Step Change Model. Retrieved December 21, 2015, from Rimmerman, C. M. (2013). Establishing Patient-Centered Physician and Nurse Bedside Rounding. Physician Executive , 39 , 3, 22-25. Sharp, H. (2013). Multidisciplinary Team Rounding: Engaging Patients and Improving Communication at the bedside. Nursing News , 37 (1p) , 1, 14-14.
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