Change of Perspective

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One of the most easily viewed reoccurrence throughout history has been a simple rule that all must follow: empires that rise to power will eventually fall from control and pass into history. This theme can be seen far and wide in the ancient world, with examples of this including the Persian Empire, the Phoenician trade empire, and the Mayan Empire, but one of the most important that occurred in Europe was the decline of the Roman Empire. Although it shared some of the same causes of why it failed with other empires that had also fallen, the Roman Empire’s fall was especially influential because it led to the gradual decline in what people in today’s world call “civilization.” For many centuries after this collapse barbarian tribes ravaged the land, and a lack of a central source of control caused a loss of almost all books and knowledge from past sources. In the end, what saved Europe from losing all knowledge and what helped to mold the world into what we know as today came from a life-changing movement that started in Italy: the Renaissance. The Roman’s network of cities and territories had completely fallen in the western portion of the empire by 500 AD, while the eastern side continued to sputter along for another few centuries. The decline of this empire is similar in some ways to the decline of the Mayan Empire that took place across the sea. The first of their similarities include the fact that in both cases the empires began to dissolve into several smaller states after the death of a powerful figurehead, which lead to fighting over areas of land between cities, towns and even families. They are also both torn to pieces by warfare that happened between them and other groups of people in the areas surrounding them, with t... ... middle of paper ... ...n surpassed them with new techniques producing even better results. The Renaissance period was filled with scholars, great thinkers, and talented artists and craftsmen who were all committed to becoming much more learned and well cultured in today’s sense. The Roman Empire was one of the most important groups of people to rule in the ancient world, providing people with a level of social structure, architecture and learning that was not seen again until the revival of medieval Europe that occurred with the Renaissance. Their fall followed some of the same issues that were faced by other early empires but was also unique in several ways. The lack of knowledge and control for many years after greatly hurt ancient people, but the Renaissance helped to rebuild what was lost and set the stage for the great thinkers that would help to mold the world as we know it today.
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