Change Work Case Study

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Introduction With a brand new era full of opportunities and innovations, a great diversity of chance for employees consider optimal position and workplace what they should devote to.The main characteristic of this phenomenon is everyday in uncertainty , in order to manage this change people need to manage change.This essay centers on analyzing a personal experience about how they change their work over time by interviewing and explaining the perspective of a former middle manager in a real estate company.This essay seeks to link ‘Changing work’ to theory, by widening descriptive codes and comparing particular theories. Theory Changing work define employees have implement change in workplace which including manager change employees to proper position and restructure organization. Otherwise, employees change their work value or workplace, even both of them. When employee is confronted with mismatch between workplace situation and work values, job-hopping would be a choice for them to avoid negative consequence (Hauff and Kirchner,2014). Sometimes, after excellent performance for a long time or gaining an achievement in own department, employees get high percentage to gain a promotion due to manager’s praise and trust. Maslow(1943),…show more content…
Enterprise absorbs elites with attractive working condition and remuneration packages. Ten Have et al.(2003) defined five aspects through different desire of human beings,including physiological needs, certainty, social acceptance,appreciation and self-actualization which mainly focus on physical , social and personal.After satisfied with the desire at first level, employees turn to next stage(Have et al., 2003).However, there are still exist limitation, not all individuals can reach the highest level of the pyramid,hence the higher level ,the fewer individuals can attain

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