Change Theory In Health Care

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I. Problem
a. In recent years has been a lot of focus by hospital managers to improve health care facilities since medication errors in hospitals are a serious threat to patient safety. Several studies (Carroll, 2003; Dennison, 2007; DeYoung, Vanderkooi, & Barletta, 2009) indicated that the rates of fatalities associated with medication errors in the United States were greater than 7000 deaths annually, and affected three to five percent of in-hospital patients. The ramifications of medication errors affect all healthcare organizations, resulting in consumer mistrust, increased healthcare costs, and patient injury or death (Carroll, 2003). Medication errors can occur at any stage of the dispensing and administration process but only an estimated five percent are noted in nursing documentation, suggesting that many errors that have not led to serious results are unreported (Wilkins & Shields, 2008).

II. Change Theory.
a. Many health care organizations have used Kurt Lewin’s theory to understand human behavior as it relates to change and patterns of resistance to change. Also referred to as Lewin’s Force Field Analysis, the model encompasses three distinct phases known as unfreezing, changing and refreezing (Bozak, 2003).
b. There are three stage theory of change is commonly referred to as Unfreeze, Change, Freeze (or Refreeze). This first stage of
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Communicating the Change. Communicating change should be structured and systematic. Employees are at the mercy of management to inform them of changes. When there is poor communication and the rumor mill starts spreading rumors about change, it can create resistance to the change. Being proactive in communications can minimize resistance and make employees feel like they are part of the process. Keep employees updated regularly about the plans and progress toward the change implementation. Involve all employees as much as possible through meetings or brainstorming sessions to help during the planning

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