Change Shown Through Images

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Change can be a feared, uncomfortable state, yet must be imposed upon life in order for living to continue. With change can come negative aspects such as failure, regret or sorrow, but more so positive aspects, including triumph, optimism and independence. Throughout history, viewpoints and mindsets of American generations have been corrupted in inexcusable ways which have been done away with by proposing a change. Not only has change brought about improvements due to corrupted mindsets, but also to the development of American culture today. The society and lifestyle Americans live presently is the result of a long line of changes made over a number of years. In order for oneself to comprehend the adjustments made, a visual framework of this concept is helpful. The image of Martin Luther King Jr. preaching to the crowd at the March On Washington and Giotto di Bondone's painting, Saint. Francis of Assisi's Trial by Fore Before The Sultan, propose great insight to recognizing the changes America has gone through in order to become the culture it is today.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of dignity, a man of pride, a man of integrity. However, most significantly he was a man of change. Utilizing his protest method of nonviolent resistance, he achieved great success in equal rights for both blacks and whites. The March on Washington took place on August 28, 1963 with over 250,000 people in attendance, making it the largest demonstration ever held at the nation's capital. The image of Dr. King speaking over 250,000 people that day portrays the revolution of change he sought to compel upon America. Without the remarkable influence he had upon society, the Civil rights Act would not have passed in the summer of 1963, yet because o...

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...he past. From the common change of everyday weather, to the change of advertisements, to the change of time, Americans have easily adjusted to several sorts of change. Martin Luther King Juniors image at the March on Washington and Giotto di Bondone's Saint Francis of Assisi's Trial of Fire Before the Sultan visually express the transformations America has gone through to come out at the point where she stands today. Continuation of change is inevitable, due to the positive features that have stemmed from it. Need it not be feared any longer, for the risk involved with change is well worth the possible outcome. With modification taking place at a steady pace, along with examples from history there to guide America's way, characters such as Dr. King and Saint Francis will persistently push the limits of change only to find how much the United States has yet to improve.
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