Change Management: Focusing on the Whole Business Process

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1) Background The term leadership and change management are interrelated between each other. Leadership direct the company to reach in the destination. Eventually, it is concentrate to formulating the business strategies require to transfer in new state to achieve the corporate goal (Hayes, 2010, p.159). Kotter (2011) explains that leadership is act as an engine on entire change process, that drives, controls and manages to move quickly in efficient way. According to Northouse (2013), “Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.” Change management is associated with processes and mechanisms envisioned to change initiation within the control (Kotter, 2011). It involves in decision making to setting up a goal, develop necessary process and assigning the available resources to achieve that goal by effective planning and costing (Hayes, 2010). Therefore, change management focuses on whole business process and leadership directs the company toward its vision. 2. Significance of leadership and change management The Auto Company is the global leader in manufacturing and distributing the automatic diagnostic solutions to the automobile companies. It was famous for diagnostic solution and target market is limited to particular market segment. In the last two-three years it sales was consequently decreased because of high competition and lots of new high profile companies are introducing the high-tech devices for diagnostic solutions. Example: Electronic giant Samsung was introduced innovative mobile technology in automobile industry. Which is latest in design, user friendly and more convenient to diagnosis the vehicle’s problems (Samsung, 2014). The current market is tough... ... middle of paper ... ...e, 5th edition, London: SAGE Publications, Inc. Northouse, P.G. (2013) Leadership: Theory and Practice, London: SAGE Publications Ltd. Researchomatic Ford Motors Company, [Online], Available: [25 Mar 2014]. Sabri, E.H., Gupta, A.P. and Beitler, M.A. (2007) Purchase Order Management Best Practices: Process, Technology, and Change Management, Fort Lauderdale: J. Ross Publishing, Inc. Samsung (2014) Samsung Smart Driving, [Online], Available: [25 Mar 2014]. TheTimes100 (2014) Using a range of management styles to lead a business, [Online], Available: [17 Apr 2014].
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